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I love photography and I love fashion! And ever since I put them together, I love fashion photography even more. My first camera was a plastic Chinese made Diana and I was only five years old, I would sit at my house stairs and play with the simple shutter and marvel; how does the camera make a picture?
Today as a fulltime professional I am still amazed with my complicated digital camera, it is a computer with a lens! Fashion photographer los angeles have traveled to over forty five cities worldwide and taken many pictures for work and consider it all vacation time, anytime I spend behind the camera is a vacation. “Find what you love to do and you will never have to work in a day in your life” was written about me!
I consider photography and video one and the same, video being the simpler of the two mediums, a great picture is really worth many good video clips, the first leaves much to your imagination and the second replaces your imagination, it’s fitting that the mother of video is called Television Programming, it really does program the brain.
Another reason I love fashion photography is that it’s ever changing, never twice the same. As each season arrives, we see all new catalogs, editorials, websites, look books, e-commerce and fashion campaigns arrive on billions of smart devices where you will find my pictures. It is pleasing beyond words to know that at any moment of the day even when I am sleep, someone somewhere is looking at my photography and thinking wow, that’s a great picture.
So these are some of the reasons why I am who I am, a fashion photographer in Los Angeles who appreciates and understands the camera as a tool of art and a time machine.

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